Kristy managed one of our largest contracts ($400,000) and achieved results where the client recouped the cost of our services every 90 days ($1,000,000 in the first 18 months and year three expects to save $1,700,000.) The client also reduced A/R by $4,000,000 in one year. She was the primary author of our major consulting products comprised of 5 workbooks that described the process to improve operations in five major hospital departments. This product has enabled us to train other consultants that achieve similar results with clients Great people skills, gets the job done and gets good results.

John Fleming
Hospital Management Consulting | Owner HPMS

Kristy, you have helped me so much with my personal and business endeavors. Your way of gently directing my thoughts to "see" life events in a different way. You helped me obtain a closer relationship and understanding of my children. My business also benefited by focusing and fine tuning my goals, enriched my relationship with my partners and got me back on track.

Angie Ortiz
prudential california realty | Certified Distressed Property Expert, GRI, Relocation Specialist, ASP

During Kristy Deegan’s tenure with our company as District Sales Manager she demonstrated an excellent work ethic and accepted the challenge of meeting with and influencing the decision making process of Presidents, and Chief Financial Officers of small privately held companies and medium and large Fortune Companies. She maintained a very positive attitude and gained the respect and attention of her fellow colleagues as well as her managers. Miss Deegan had great insight and was a motivator and well liked by all.


I have been blessed to know Kristy as a friend and to have worked with her on issues related to our life and home in San Felipe, Mexico. In both capacities, Kristy is a fantastic caring listener one who is able to converse with you in a manner that allows you to clarify your thinking and achieve your goals. Having been a school principal, I dealt with many people and agencies. At times I experienced frustration in those dealings from lack of performance or follow through. Doing business with Kristy, you always know what to expect and when. When we needed information about various things related to living abroad, Kristy was our "go-to" girl. The people or agencies to which she referred us were of the utmost integrity and proficiency. I know as a coach, Kristy is phenomenal, based on my "informal coaching sessions" working with her. She always seeks to help and as she is doing so she is educating/coaching you to be able to be self sufficient. I also know she is an excellent coach as I have watched her over the past 6 years coach herself to become the fantastic person she is.

Dr. Denise L. Laven
Tracy Unified School District | Retired Principal

While I was starting my new business, Kristy Deegan was my executive coach. Our weekly sessions were essential to my success. She kept me on tract, reminded me of my goals and intentions, and encouraged me to keep going. She gave input and strategies that proved invaluable. Her professionalism and commitment to her client's success is her strongest asset. Without reservation, I highly recommend Ms. Deegan.

Angelica Pilato, Ph.D.
Angel's Truck Stop

You came into my life at a time when I was ready to throw in the towel. I am so glad I did not. I have an amazing Manager named David he has done an amAzing job running my school and has made it possible for me to me down here in the SUN. We are averaging 1700 kids a week. A great staff who appreciate me and what I started. So I truly am very blessed.

Lynne Zverski

Kristy has the ability to make logical sense of the, often unclear, end results you want and present a logical action plan to follow. She then ensures you (me the client) actually foll1ows through with that goal. Her ability to create and engineer individualized ways to succeed are just a few of her traits I found most endearing.She has the skills, knowledge, experience and traits that all spell success.Having the ability to remain objective while staying focused to add serious impact to the bottom line. And she communicates in a manner that accomplishes satisfaction, without alienating the client

Ron Brown
Human Resource Procurement | Treasurer

Kristy is extremely professional in dress and promptness. She is a true professional wanting to help her clients see clarity and direction in their lives. She has worked with me personally and people notice I have changed for the better over the last several months. She has worked with my team of professionals and has helped our individual personalities understand each other and work together for the common good. Our goals and practices have new insight and direction because of Kristy. She comes from the school of experience and uses a positive approach to help and suggest ideas to consider. I would highly recommend her to my family,friends, and the general public.

Kathy Apples
Prudential California Realty | Real Estate Expert

In the many years I have known Kristy Deegan, I have found her to be very kind and caring, with a gift for knowing how to help the individual. Her ethics are the highest; her reliability sterling. I recommend her highly to anyone.

Patricia St James
Counselor Clairvoyant Psychic Astrologer | Behavioral Therapist

A very satisfied client I first met Kristy while interviewing her application for a networking group I attend; I fell in love with her. She was so sure of herself and focused on her personal and business goals, I wanted some of what she had! About a month later I called her and asked her how she could help me grow my business, after our first session it became clear that there were obstacles in my personal life that were weighing me down and recreating negative patterns that greatly affected my ability to be as successful as I wanted to be. So it turned out I needed personal coaching along with my business coaching. I have been on medication for awhile to help with brain chemistry and see a Therapist and Doctor. Both have noticed a remarkable change in my ability to problem solve and now I see them less frequently and have greatly reduced my medications. Probably the most important thing I have learned and the most difficult thing to remember is I always have choices. The second most important thing is communication - who, when and how I am still working on this as I do not like confrontation and I can appear quite confrontational to a lot of people. I still work with Kristy; every session is a joy even if I come to tears with some of the exercises because my personal and business growth is worth it. I highly recommend her services whether you are new to business or need to find new ways to approach business needs.

Robal O'Larte
Aesthetics by Robal | aster Esthetician

Profoundly simple yet deeply transformative. Kristy just 'gets' where you are and where you want to go, what's in your way and gives you simple steps to get there!

Liz Carbonaro
elite business evolution | Small Business Sales & Marketing Expert

I have known Kristy Deegan for 12 years. She is a Business and Life-Coach (Started out as a business coach, but has recently turned into a personal coach as I have been dealing with some personal health issues). Kristy Deegan is very knowledgeable and is a wealth of information. She provides you with the tools that you would need depending on the issue/concern. This facilitates the implementation or completion of the tasks/projects, etc....She is very patient and supportive yet, she holds you accountable for your own "commitments". Kristy is very encouraging and empowering...your success is her priority. It has been a pleasure to work with Kristy off and on for the past 12 years.

Carla Zarifeh Co owner Aquaventures Swim School, Vancouver, BC Canada

I have known Kristy for 3 years. She has been my Life and Business Coach and support person. I was introduced to Kristy at a very critical time in my business which became personal as well. Kristy was able to support me in the crisis that I was in to then look at different areas that I needed to work on to be part of a great team, and do a professional job as a shareholder as well as a contractor. Kristy was able to support me in many ways in my business and also put my personal feelings where they needed to be. This took place over a period of time and I am forever grateful to her for this. The business has now turned around and I am able to focus on the needs of each day for my work commitments as well as keeping personal feelings where they should be. I thank Kristy for being there at that time and I would absolutely recommend her to anyone needing professional as well as personal support.

Jenny McPhail, Owner Smart Moves, New Zealand

I have known Kristy Deegan since April 2015 (three months). She has been my Professional Life Coach. In the short time I have been working with Kristy, I have experienced significant breakthroughs in the areas that I had targeted as needing work. She is diligent, patient, passionate, creative, respectful, discerning, and professional in every sense of the word. I personally relish the fact that Kristy keeps her commitments...her follow up is impeccable. I am thankful that Kristy has chosen to share her talents with the marketplace, and even more thankful that I am privy to those gifts. I would recommend Kristy Deegan unequivocally and without hesitation.

Sue Brekenfeld, Client Care Coordinator, Comfort Keepers SoCal