Let me describe chaos: A state of confusion with no order and apparently no control. Sometimes there is so much on our plate that we don’t even know where to start.  When at home we think of things to do at work and when we are at work, we think of what needs to be done at home. In today’s world we have kids, spouses, work, sports, friends, chores etc.  We end up putting one foot in front of the other with no real plan or structure. Circumstances have us around the neck.


How many of you occasionally live in chaos? How can this happen? How did things get so out of control?  PERSPECTIVE.  In the chaotic state everything has the same weight or urgency. Thus, any new injection of something to do is as important as what you are doing right now. It only adds more feeling of chaos. This is actually balance. Balance means that all parts are equal; the same. No prioritizing no alignment with purpose and no sense of accomplishment. Plus a lot of negative self-talk goes on during these times.


What you are looking for is Harmony: consistent and orderly arrangement of the parts. Each part of your life dances with all the other parts to create harmony.  Sometimes work is more urgent than home or kids are more urgent than chores, etc.  


Circumstances do not create stress or chaos.  What we do to ourselves about the circumstance creates the stress.  When each “thing to do” is equal in urgency, we put a lot of pressure on ourselves: I can’t do it, not enough time, not enough money etc. The reality is you have what you have and must make choices of your priorities.  When in harmony you dance with the circumstances, plan out the tasks and be totally present to what is in the now.


Right this very minute what is the most important thing to do? Not by end of day, but right now. When we give in to the confusion and disorganization of chaos, we lose our innate sense of what’s next. Step back take a deep breath and ask, “What is most important right now?” This simple question will help you and guide you to the appropriate next step and without stress.

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