Where do You High Five?

These are interesting times. Big changes coming soon.  Some folks are happy about the expected changes and some are very opposed. What do you High Five?

I’ve spoken about Ego a lot this year.  It’s who we think we are. We come into this world as pure love and oneness with all things.  One day we experience a break in belonging and our ego is born.  The ego’s job is to keep us separate and different and works very hard to create an identity for us of who we have known ourselves to be. It thrives on judgments and comparisons and kicks in gear when fear or scarcity shows up.

Whenever we come from Ego rather than our heart and love, Ego has to rise and meet its challenge.  When Egos meet both sides must be right and the other side must be wrong.  Coming from judgment feels like an attack to the receiver.  What is underneath the judgement and ego is fear or scarcity. The more fear and scarcity the bigger the ego and pushing back.

There are many gatherings and opinions about what is happening in a few days. Egos will be flaring.  There will be many opportunities to bond with people in the gatherings. But, look at what is bonding...are you bonding with the judgments or wounds or fears or lack, or with the people as individuals.  Are you fighting against something or standing for something.  What if all the gatherings stood for peace, opportunity and unity.  So I ask the question what do you high five?  The judgments or the possibilities.  When you feel angry and defensive, Ego is in charge.  When you come from love and unity, dialogue can evolve toward a resolve.

Come to my workshop of Freedom From Chaos, Fear, and Lack. Go to the event tab and see the detail.  If we have the freedom from fear and scarcity we don't have tolet our ego drive us.  We can create unity.

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The time is now.  The country is divided in beliefs and hopes.  It doesn’t matter who won the election.  What matters now is that we bring love to the table.  Love is what will unite us a people and nation.  Every person has an opinion and judgment about where the country will go from here.  Every person is coming from what they believe and hope will or won’t happen.


I know my reaction at first was judgment. Very quickly I shifted to giving our leader a chance and believe that all of this is part of a bigger plan.  The universe is always working on our behalf. So I will trust that.


In order for us to heal and move forward in a united way we must bring kindness, trust and love to all conversations.  The divisiveness can stop through love and kindness.  We are truly one and in that oneness, if we feel love, so too can we see love in others. The time is now for us to come together and stop feeding the divisiveness.  

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Self Love

You’ve heard the old adage of, “You can’t love anyone else unless you love yourself.”  Well, it’s true.  People that truly love themselves have a special glow about them. It’s kind of like they know a fun secret.  They have a way of being that beacons and invites and they attract wonderful experiences and people. I find myself drawn to them and wanting to be in their presence.

What is Self Love?  How do I know if I have it or not?

  • It’s having patience and grace with yourself. NO negative self talk.  Whenever a negative thought about yourself comes up, re-frame it to a learning or “up until now, I did that.”  Self love is where creativity comes from.

  • Giving yourself space for making mistakes.  We are spiritual beings having human experiences on this planet.  Thus, we will do human things.  Everything we do or say is a possibility for a learning experience...there are no accidents. Forgiveness gets the ego out of the way so we can love and create.

  • Honoring your mind body and spirit by taking care of each of them. Live in the fulfillment of increase.  Strive for better consciousness, a healthy body and expanding spirit. Your body is your temple for love.

When you have the above distinctions for loving yourself, THEN you can truly love others with the feeling of patience, grace, forgiveness and honor.  I know how I feel when I give and receive love...and I LOVE it.

Check in with yourself and notice the self talk....just notice.

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