The time is now.  The country is divided in beliefs and hopes.  It doesn’t matter who won the election.  What matters now is that we bring love to the table.  Love is what will unite us a people and nation.  Every person has an opinion and judgment about where the country will go from here.  Every person is coming from what they believe and hope will or won’t happen.


I know my reaction at first was judgment. Very quickly I shifted to giving our leader a chance and believe that all of this is part of a bigger plan.  The universe is always working on our behalf. So I will trust that.


In order for us to heal and move forward in a united way we must bring kindness, trust and love to all conversations.  The divisiveness can stop through love and kindness.  We are truly one and in that oneness, if we feel love, so too can we see love in others. The time is now for us to come together and stop feeding the divisiveness.  

 PhotoCredit: Carol cc Miller

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