Do The Deeper Work

It’s been a while since I last posted here.  So much has been happening and my growth has been exponential. First of all let me wish you all a very Happy and Abundant New Year.  These past few weeks have been a time of going deep and letting go, for me.  I am so amazed at what happens when I get still.  Things become inspirations vs things to do.  What there is to do comes from the heart and emerges naturally with no forcing or pushing.  So calm and serene and I am available to be present with whatever is going on within and without.

Second, I have been redesigning my work.  What wants to emerge is to be and teach feminine leadership. I have come to understand what it even is on a much deeper level.  On the surface it is using the feminine traits in life and business (compassion, leading from the heart, respect, honor and with love.) But what does that mean?  It means every situation is perfect and fodder for learning and growing. No judgment, no comparison, no punishment, no reaction: only using every situation to learn and grow and make choices.  It brings out the best in everyone including myself.   

What does it take? Deep work.  In order to truly be a feminine leader, I have to do my inner work. I have and do this inner work on a daily moment to moment basis on my own and with my coach and guides. I had to reconnect with my little girl and my soul and love her better than any mother could. I had to learn to trust my intuition and myself to be the stand I am for people no matter what. I had to manage my ego conversations and let my light shine.  Deep deep work.  

Since I have been through it and continue to be in it, I can totally understand any of you that feel that this is what you want and don’t know how to get there. I can share the first steps in my workshop on January 28, 2017.  Click Here to learn more. We can begin to go deep on this one day workshop and you can get a taste of how easy your perspective can change and thus change your life. See you there!



Is Your Feminine Leadership on Track?

How is your Feminine Leadership going? Here is a hot tip! when you beat yourself up for not doing something, you miss out on the learning. You don’t discover what stopped you and thus continue to make the same mistakes.  What if you embraced your humanity and allowed yourself to do the best you can?  If something goes wrong, adjust the plan.


When we put a man on the moon there were multiple adjustments. The course was charted and had to be adjusted.  If the rocket kept going on the original straight line, it would go off into space somewhere.  The scientists knew that to reach the moon the rocket had to go in an arc. The rocket can only go in a straight line so the path was adjusted as many times as necessary to make sure it hit the moon.


Reaching goals, keeping promises and daily life is like this. We make a plan, follow (or not) the plan and we get the results.  Some things that happen to derail us are:

  1. Distract ourselves and not follow the plan

  2. Making up stories about how we feel

  3. Telephone

  4. Texting

  5. More…

To maintain your course and stay feminine, you MUST take care of yourself. Discipline is the truest form of self care.  So what you say you are going to do.  OR renegotiate before the deadline.  Keep your word to yourself OR re negotiate the time frame. This will lead to better self confidence, more self respect and a deeper self love. It’s so much easier to readjust when you feel good about yourself.


What is Feminine Leadership?

I recently became an Amazon  #1 best selling author: "Faces of the New Feminine Leadership"

What is Feminine Leadership? It is a management style generally characterized by more feminine qualities and behaviors such as empathy, effective communication, and community in the workplace.  I am referring to the traits not the gender of the leader. Both men and women can have the feminine leader traits that the world is starving for. However, when a woman is in her power, passion, radiance and joy, there is nothing more compelling. As she allows herself to shine and share her truth with love and presence, the world becomes a better place.


Eight authors came together to share their story about connecting to their true self and what it takes to have the courage to lead from the heart. We stand for a new conversations in business where fear, scarcity and competition are changed to empowerment, abundance, and community. The time is now for this change in conversation. Look at government, big business, even small business - where is the heart and soul of people?


Most of us have buried that part of us: covered it with competition, to-do lists, deadlines and fear. It is scary to do the inner work to truly know yourself and the rewards are miraculous.


Learn more about Kristy Deegan

My chapter is about getting on the other side of fear


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Soul Level Results

With the shifting of the conversation in business comes a new way to lead.  The successful leaders of today are open, honest, “for the company”, softer, authentic, share emotions, lead from the heart, and support you using your best skills and talents.


This is the true self being expressed: No masks, no secrets, just authentic in the moment and being present.  Most of us are geared toward doing what others expect or want from us and we do it to please or “get ahead”.  Therefore, new learning of how to be your true self is mandatory. The four main areas of learning are:


  1. Clarity in your purpose and priorities: Clarity is of the utmost importance.Your purpose is what  your soul is here to do on the planet. If you don’t know where you are going, how will you know if you get there? When you are clear about what you are here for, then all actions will be taken with that purpose in mind.  Your priorities are easily identified a they will move you forward..

  2. MIndset: We become what we think.  Our mindset is a fixed mental attitude or disposition that predetermines how we respond to and interpret situations. Your mindset is an out picturing of what you have thought all your life. In order for the soul to be operating at its highest, one must have a growth and expanding mindset. It is impossible to be our true selves when we listen to the negative inner talk. There are 4 steps to changing to a growth mindset: a) Listen to your inner voice. Become aware if it is stuck or growing.  b) Make a choice to change your mindset. c) Listen to the inner conversations of the  two mindsets and practice selecting the one that is for growth. [i.e. ”I can’t do that.” vs “I’m not sure how to do that, but I can learn how to do it.”] and d) Take actions from the growth mindset.

  3. Community: A definition is: a group sharing common characteristics or interests and perceived or perceiving itself as distinct in some respect from the larger society within which it exists. Every person involved has a role to play to reach the goal.  Collaboration and support are a must for running a business on the soul level.  What if the commonality in business was we are in this together and we will make it happen.  All interactions are based in respect, truth and collaboration.

  4. Connection to a higher power: You can call it Buddha, Goddess, God, anything you want to call it.   Something bigger than me. Create a connection with your higher power to pull you through and stay on course when that old ego steps in with stinkin thinkin or sabotage. Your soul wants to be successful at what you are up to.  Since your soul is the God within, connecting to a higher power allows you to connect with yourself and to be held to your highest and on purpose. You cannot do your soul work alone.


The best way to travel this road is to get a coach.  If you try to do it alone, you will only be rearranging your own opinion and judgements. You will lose sight of your soul’s and stay in the current mindset.  Find a coach that you resonate with, like and trust.  Most coaches will offer a complimentary session to explore if they are the right coach for you and if you are the right client for them.


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