Freedom From Lack

How often do you tell yourself that you don’t have enough time. Don’t have enough money. Don’t have enough….?

Did you know that just saying that to yourself, creates more of the lack.


The universe wants to give you what you want even more than you want it.  It hears what you feel and think.  So to get freedom from lack, one must have a perspective of  abundance. Everything I need or want  is there for me when I need or want it.  However, you must be clear and specific about what you want and expect it to be there.  It’s not about hope or wishing.  It’s about knowing.


I used to have conversations in my head about not having enough money. About not being good enough to get the money I wanted. As soon as I got clear about what and how much money I wanted AND truly expected it to be there, it showed up in the exact amount I asked for.


As long as we think and speak from a place of scarcity, we continue to recreate scarcity. If you want some freedom from lack, come to my workshop on Freedom From Chaos, Fear and Lack.  You get a scrumptious lunch AND transformation Click here to learn more.





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