Freedom From Chaos

Did you know that we create our own chaos? It is never the circumstance that causes the chaos, it’s what we do to ourselves about the circumstances.


I used to create chaos around me especially in my office.  I would over commit to do too many things, try to shoot from the hip and create piles of files and stuff to do all around the office.  I would tell myself, "I'll do that later. It can wait, It's to difficult to work on now, etc"  I couldn’t find a thing and I would throw up my hands in overwhelm. Sound familiar? The chaos was totally caused by me and my beliefs and then I let it get in my way of doing the work.  I used to hide out in the chaos and confusion to avoid showing up.


Once I started being responsible for the chaos, I began touching files only once.  Kept everything in its place and put everything I needed to do in my calendar.  I made a list of the things I had to do and a list of tasks to do to get each project done.  I worked backwards from the due date and scheduled all the tasks in my calendar.  I was amazed at how much I got done and I had way more energy because I wasn’t thinking of all that I had to do...just what I had to do today.  I also was amazed at how my self confidence, self respect and self love increased.  I changed from "overwhelm" to "I got this." Great result.


If you recall, the way to meet your sales target is to chunk it down to the number of calls to make a day.  Well, if you chunk it down for your projects and commitments, it becomes what do I do daily to get the job done. Try it. Consider coming to my workshop in September: Freedom from Chaos, Fear and Lack.  Message me  for details.


Have You Checked in With Yourself Lately?

Most of us, especially women are so attuned to taking care of others, we forget to take care of ourselves. Every now and then I catch myself doing this again.  I find myself tired, irritable, and rushed in my self care: hurry and take the shower, hurry and do the laundry, etc. Oh no, I have gotten in the habit of not being connected to me.


I know I can’t do my best work or my best play, if I disconnect from me.  What I do is ask my little girl inside: What are you feeling? What are you thinking? And What do you need?  If i listen, she will tell me almost always, “ love me.” How can I love her and give her attention when I’m so busy taking care of other things? I take a deep breath and check in with myself.  By doing this I give her a few moment of care and that’s all she needed.  So in these times, I put little sticky notes everywhere: on my mirror, in my office, on the visor in the car… They all say, “have you checked in with yourself lately?” I am reminded to love on that little girl and breathe….my day goes much smoother. Try it.


Is Your Feminine Leadership on Track?

How is your Feminine Leadership going? Here is a hot tip! when you beat yourself up for not doing something, you miss out on the learning. You don’t discover what stopped you and thus continue to make the same mistakes.  What if you embraced your humanity and allowed yourself to do the best you can?  If something goes wrong, adjust the plan.


When we put a man on the moon there were multiple adjustments. The course was charted and had to be adjusted.  If the rocket kept going on the original straight line, it would go off into space somewhere.  The scientists knew that to reach the moon the rocket had to go in an arc. The rocket can only go in a straight line so the path was adjusted as many times as necessary to make sure it hit the moon.


Reaching goals, keeping promises and daily life is like this. We make a plan, follow (or not) the plan and we get the results.  Some things that happen to derail us are:

  1. Distract ourselves and not follow the plan

  2. Making up stories about how we feel

  3. Telephone

  4. Texting

  5. More…

To maintain your course and stay feminine, you MUST take care of yourself. Discipline is the truest form of self care.  So what you say you are going to do.  OR renegotiate before the deadline.  Keep your word to yourself OR re negotiate the time frame. This will lead to better self confidence, more self respect and a deeper self love. It’s so much easier to readjust when you feel good about yourself.


The Second Quarter is DONE!

OH my GOSH! It is the end of the second quarter.  The year is half gone.  How are you doing on your targets?  If you are on target, then great and push for a little more  If not, then let’s figure out how you can meet it.  Crunch it down:

  1. Decide on the amount of money/sales that you need to meet your target by the end of the year.  Let’s say you need $24,000  in sales to meet your target by the end of the year. Divide $24,000 by 6 months = $4,000 target per month.

  2. $4000/month = $1000/week
  3. Decide on how many units or products you need to sell to make $1,000 per week.  Let’s say you need to sell 2 units at $500 per month.

  4. About how many calls/contacts do you see before you make a sale?  Let’s say 10.

  5. In order to sell 2 units a week, you would make 20 calls per week or 4 calls a day

  6. You can hit your target by doing a little each day, or bunch it up a couple of times a week.

I find that the best way for me is to block out time (2 hours)  twice a week.  One for calls and one for follow up. As time goes on, I find that I use the block of time for both calls and follow up. And I only do it twice a week. You CAN reach your target if you do the work to get there.




It's My Birthday Today

It’s my birthday today.  Woo Hoo!  I am so blessed.  I am 70 years old today. WOW! Seventy years is a long time and, yet, I feel much younger.  To what do I attribute my youthfulness?


Self-Care - Genetics have been good to me and I take care of myself on the outside and the inside.  I forgive easily (including myself)  and let go of bad feelings. Discipline is the highest form of self-care and I am really good at this.  They call me the Accountability Queen.  I truly love myself and all that is me.


Mindset - Our internal conversations never stop.  All we can do is choose the ones that serve us.  My glass is half full, I shift off of any judgments and opinions that are negative and replace them with loving thoughts. I believe that people are doing the best they can and do not hold their behaviors against them.


Higher Power (or whatever you call it) - Over many years of working on personal growth, I have found that my spirituality saves my day.  Surrendering to God gives me peace and joy.  I ask him every day to put me in the perfect place to do my work with people. Things don’t always happen in my time frame and I’m learning patience and Grace.


Now, it sounds like I’ve NOPE! I am a spiritual being having human experiences.  During these human experiences i fall into the ego driven, righteous, and impatient person.  The difference is that I notice and get out quicker and quicker.  


The key is to do your inner work.  Be present to the moment.  Be love.

So Happy Birthday to ME. I have many more




Feminine Leadership in Action

There is a growing conversation and discussion about bringing feminine leadership to the workplace, government and community. Just what is that? More women in the workplace? More women in leadership roles?  No. It is bringing feminine traits to business, community, and government.


The world is starving for feminine leadership. Not just from a woman in a woman’s body, but feminine because of how she shows up and who she is being.  When a woman is in her power, passion, radiance and joy, there is nothing more magnificent and compelling. Whether she is at the office or the dinner table, as she allows herself to shine and share her truth with love and presence, the world becomes a better place. Everyone is empowered: other women, men, and children.


Feminine leadership is about changing the conversations in our world. Change from fear, scarcity and competition to empowerment, abundance and community. The time to change these conversations is NOW.


Imagine! What would your business, home, community, or government be like if the leaders led from the heart with truth, integrity, compassion and joy? People would love their work, their families and themselves. Be a part of the change-lead from your heart today. Shine in your truth and presence. Make today as amazing as you are.



We all hear about prosperity and scarcity, but let’s go deeper on Scarcity.  Most people think about scarcity as related to money and it’s way more than that. Living in lack relates to time, money, self confidence, self love, self respect and more.


Language is very important and gives clues about living in lack.  One could have lots of money and say something like, “I don’t learn from my mistakes.” The connotation is that this person feels that there is something wrong with them. The key is the judgment.  When we make statements about ourselves with judgment, we are minimizing our value. To me, this is the most severe form of living in lack.


Lack of confidence, self respect or self love creates a huge hole in our way of being. I can dress to the nines, carry myself with confidence and on the surface fit right in. However, if my language speaks to self effacement, doubt, or not enough, none of this will matter.


Lack is actually a mindset. I’m not enough, there isn’t enough, fill in the blank.  It’s all a perception that you buy into.  It is simple to change a perception and often not easy.  When you hear yourself speaking from a “not enough” place, reframe the statement to “up until now there hasn’t been enough, but there is enough” Change your perception and you will change your life.

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