Bliss in the Workplace

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to have bliss in your personal life, much less in the workplace? Bliss is an innate state of inner joy. It is constant, undisturbed by outward gain or loss. We all have the capacity for it, no matter our age, background, physical or mental disabilities, ethnicity, gender, or religion. External circumstances, whether positive or negative, happy or sad, do not affect it. What does that mean?


Its a place I strive to be. Yet, since I am a spiritual being having human experiences on the planet, it can escape me. It’s a tall order.  “External circumstances, positive or negative, do not affect my innate state of inner joy.”  To me, this means a state of being which includes loving myself enough to trust my intuition, being connected to my higher power, knowing that everything that happens is the universe working for my good: oneness, completeness and consciousness.


Emotions and reactions, good and bad, will not affect bliss: the steady state of being happy and joyful. The difference between happiness and bliss is that to obtain happiness one must do something-get good grades, do a good job, etc. One doesn’t do anything to “obtain” bliss.  It just is a way of being.


What if bliss could be brought to the workplace?  What if that nagging secretary, overpowering boss, or irritating co worker had no effect on you?  What if when the boss gives you kudos, co workers treat you to lunch, or you get a free day off without pay, it has no effect on your happiness?  Not like you don’t care or don’t appreciate these things. It’s just that your are so innately joyful, the mood doesn’t change with circumstance. What a great place to do your work!!!


Take an inventory on yourself.  Just observe how many times a day or hour that your mood changes and why? Could be as simple as not getting any mail today or as traumatic of an injury to yourself.  What if you could stay in a state of bliss during these times and observe, appreciate and be grateful of any event?  Leave a comment below with any experience you have had with bliss.

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