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You have 3-5 personal goals.   Are they in plain sight at your desk or on your mobile device?  Most of us, if we write down a goal, put it away in a folder or out of sight.  Put them on a clipboard or on the wall in front of your desk.  Read them out loud several times a day like you know they will happen.  We become what we think...if you’re thinking of your personal goals several times a will become what you think.  Share your personal goals with others.  Ask them to hold you to account.  The more public and “out loud” you are with your goals, the more chance to achieve them.


Try a little experiment:  Just for this week read your goal out loud for a minimum of 3x per day and  then come back and leave a comment about how much more you believe it by the end of the week.

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Optimum workflow

Have you as an owner or manager “observed”  the workflow in your business: actually watched how the work is done? I know I have been so involved in what I was focused on that I almost ignored others’ work unless it affected me.  We get into habits, routines and methods that we are comfortable with and don’t  have to think about.  AND these “automatic pilot” activities waste time, energy and money. Can you take 30-60 minutes a week to actually see your business at work?

Just observe the duplication and time lost then come here and post what you found.

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Clear goals and expectations

Have you established a goal list that is too long? You put it on the shelf and don’t look at it until next year when you write goals again? It’s so easy to list ALL goals to be achieved and to become so overwhelmed, we avoid them. First define your five year goals.  An exercise to help you with this is: Picture yourself 5 years from now: where do you live, how many clients/customers do you have, how much money are you making a year, what does your house look like...draw a clear picture in your mind.  Don’t worry about the “how.”  Now, stand in that place as if it was now. Look back today and make a list of what you did to get there.  These steps become your quarterly goals.  If you declare that your business will be in a large warehouse in 5 years, there are several steps to get there.  Quarterly steps are manageable.    Only 3-5 business and 3-5 personal goals per quarter will be sufficient. All goals should be measurable at the end of the quarter.  For example: Select the area of France that has castles available, decide on the castle you want to visit in a year. Then, list 3-5 steps to take for the first following quarter. (open a travel account to save XXX amount of money in three months, pick up 5 travel brochures, watch 3 videos of the area, etc.

Post the list in front of you by your desk, so you see it everyday


I’d love to hear what your quarterly goals are.  Please leave a comment.

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Clear vision and direction

Do you know what business you are actually in?  Do you know why and where you want the business to be in the next 5 years? An example is Domino Pizza.  They are in the delivery business, not the pizza business. Their guarantee is for delivery in less than a specific time, NOT that you will get a great pizza.  Are you clear in your vision and direction?  Do all your clients/customers fit your profile of the perfect customer?  Are you reaching your market?  Can you be selective in which clients you work with?   Clarity about your vision and direction will be established  through inquiry about who you are and what you want to contribute in your lifetime.  After all, the business is YOU. Make a list of all the favorite things you like about the work you do, specific tasks you like, the kind of customers you like....all that you love about what you do.  Then write sentences that state a culmination of those things those things. (ie. Helping people to be who they are in the world.)  Please leave a note saying what you think your vision is and if this exercise helped you.

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Create a future worth living into

So often we live our life as it “happens” to us. We believe it is the cards dealt to us or ”it is what it is.” It’s almost like we are “victims” of our own life.

What if through inquiry and clarity, you could invent a different life:  one with minimal stress, more confidence and clear direction with measurable results that you create? Miracles happen when you are clear and in charge of your life.

Wouldn’t you like to begin and end each day in Joy and freedom from limiting beliefs? Of course you would! Who wouldn't?

Leave a comment telling me what miracles you dream of and what’s in the way of achieving your dreams.

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Want to invent the life YOU want, I did.

Are you ready to invent an outrageous life that you love?

Both in business and personally?

Our current life is a conglomeration of our decisions, wishes, speaking and thoughts.  We have beliefs that limit who we think we are in life and what we attract to us. Listen to how you talk.  Do you have words like “should, if, I can’t, he won’t, they always, etc.?”  Each of these words design how you live your life whether they are spoken or just thought.  Learn how to manage your language and thoughts so that you can invent the life you want by changing how you think and speak.  Break the old patterns that have designed your life.

I’d love to read comments about how your beliefs, thoughts and speaking have limited who you are in the world.

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Measurement for success

Is your business plan and yearly goals sitting in binders on the shelf?  Where do you keep them? If you only have 3-5 goals per quarter, they can be on a clipboard on the wall behind your chair or in front of you on the wall.  Goal achievement is a group effort in a business when you have employees, even one.  Meet with each employee, partner, or contractor on a weekly basis. Review the tasks you each were to do last week to achieve the quarterly goals: discuss the goal, tasks, if they were completed, if not, why not, re-establish tasks for next week.   Accountability and follow up are the keys to success.  People almost always have good intentions, but life happens and they get off track.  Knowing you have a meeting on Tuesdays helps keep you on track.  This issue is not that “you are bad” for not completing a task, but more how can we redirect and get the job done.

Leave a note below about how you hold your people accountable


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