You bring your real life situations to Kristy and together you break down the conversations, situations and expectations that aren’t working. This program is custom tailored to each individual client and as such is only for those who are truly seeking a real, sustainable and tangible difference in their personal lives. Kristy will help you identify the most critical areas in need of clarity in order to pinpoint what you want in your life and then she helps you make it happen. Because the program is so dynamic we can’t list every detail that will be covered, but we really want to make sure you have a basic understanding of the general overview. These power sessions will include:

Your Personal Growth

Each of us has a little one inside that has been driving us. You will learn how to be in charge and connect with yourself in order to get what you want. Within weeks you will be able to clearly identify what stops you from reaching your goals as well as drill down to how to love that little one so that you may start fully showing up for every commitment you make.

Organization Overhaul

This is NOT about learning to use a filing cabinet! Kristy will help retrain your habitual thinking in order to maximize the time, energy and financial investments you make everyday to yield the greatest results possible. Your family and friends will start to notice the difference in your productivity as well as your proficiency even before you’ve completely mastered this aspect of the system. You will learn how to “chunk it down” so that sales, administration and projects are done with ease and grace and a little at a time. This is about changing the conversation in business from one competition to collaboration and still producing outstanding results.

Communication Roadmap

Being able to convey a message is not a gift, it’s a learned skill that most of us never master, but barely grasp. Having a clear message is one thing, but communicating it in a clear and intentional manner is entirely different. Kristy will help you identify and tweak your communication to break the invisible barriers that exist in your personal and business relationships. Whether you’re talking to your spouse, your children, friends or in business, your message will be heard as you intended, not as the other person interpreted. The key is listening to their listening.

Your Stress-less Lifestyle

Reducing stress is probably one of the most critical lessons Kristy teaches. Stress is the most fatal disease in America and as such, is linked to nearly every illness, including cancer. One of the most powerful tools you can learn in life is to reduce or eliminate stress and Kristy will help you see the world differently so that you can choose your reaction to circumstances. Stress is not the circumstance. Stress is what we do to ourselves about the circumstance. Learn to change your inner conversations.

Confidence Magnification

Everyone has confidence in one area or another of his or her lives. Self-confidence comes from learning how to respect and love yourself and count on your intuition. Learning how to keep your promises to yourself and others will give you the clarity for making any decisions.

Tribal Tributes

Let’s face it, sometimes you just need to sit down and have a face-to-face discussion with one or more of the people in your life. This is where Kristy will step in and provide an even ground for any relationship that needs a little extra TLC. These meetings can be familial, platonic or career based. Any which way you slice it, matters will get resolved in a non-confrontational, goal oriented session in order to ensure everyone walks away knowing they were heard while resolving any issues that may need resolution.

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