Your Ideal Client is YOU

Why doesn’t everyone want your product or service.  You see the value and the benefit they would gain and they don’t seem to.  Why?


Oil of Olay is not necessariy good for everyone that has skin. Not everyone is your potential customer. so, how do you know who is your customer? the place to look is at  yourself.  You love what you do and your products.  You see value because… It’s worked for you, for your family and some friends. There are many similar and quality products and services out there.  Put your customer had on and ask yourself why would you buy the product or service?  List out the reasons.  Behind each reason is a little pain of loss, of wanting something, etc. Look for people just like you and speak to their pain. Get them to see that you totally understand their needs and desires.


There is so much competition for specific products and services all around you. If you take yourself out of the roll of competition of product vs product, what is left is you and your enthusiasm. They don’t need your product. They buy you and what they think you can do for them using this product or service.


Your ideal client is YOU:  Why you would buy the product, what benefit you saw in it for you, and the experience you got….they want that.

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Kristy Deegan

Kristy is a Personal Evolution Coach with nearly three decades of helping others achieve their highest goals. Being able to bring clarity to any situation will ultimately resolve that situation and leave each party with a feeling of worthiness, fulfillment and gratitude.

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