We all hear about prosperity and scarcity, but let’s go deeper on Scarcity.  Most people think about scarcity as related to money and it’s way more than that. Living in lack relates to time, money, self confidence, self love, self respect and more.


Language is very important and gives clues about living in lack.  One could have lots of money and say something like, “I don’t learn from my mistakes.” The connotation is that this person feels that there is something wrong with them. The key is the judgment.  When we make statements about ourselves with judgment, we are minimizing our value. To me, this is the most severe form of living in lack.


Lack of confidence, self respect or self love creates a huge hole in our way of being. I can dress to the nines, carry myself with confidence and on the surface fit right in. However, if my language speaks to self effacement, doubt, or not enough, none of this will matter.


Lack is actually a mindset. I’m not enough, there isn’t enough, fill in the blank.  It’s all a perception that you buy into.  It is simple to change a perception and often not easy.  When you hear yourself speaking from a “not enough” place, reframe the statement to “up until now there hasn’t been enough, but there is enough” Change your perception and you will change your life.

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Kristy Deegan

Kristy is a Personal Evolution Coach with nearly three decades of helping others achieve their highest goals. Being able to bring clarity to any situation will ultimately resolve that situation and leave each party with a feeling of worthiness, fulfillment and gratitude.

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