Have You Checked in With Yourself Lately?

Most of us, especially women are so attuned to taking care of others, we forget to take care of ourselves. Every now and then I catch myself doing this again.  I find myself tired, irritable, and rushed in my self care: hurry and take the shower, hurry and do the laundry, etc. Oh no, I have gotten in the habit of not being connected to me.


I know I can’t do my best work or my best play, if I disconnect from me.  What I do is ask my little girl inside: What are you feeling? What are you thinking? And What do you need?  If i listen, she will tell me almost always, “ love me.” How can I love her and give her attention when I’m so busy taking care of other things? I take a deep breath and check in with myself.  By doing this I give her a few moment of care and that’s all she needed.  So in these times, I put little sticky notes everywhere: on my mirror, in my office, on the visor in the car… They all say, “have you checked in with yourself lately?” I am reminded to love on that little girl and breathe….my day goes much smoother. Try it.




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Kristy Deegan

Kristy is a Personal Evolution Coach with nearly three decades of helping others achieve their highest goals. Being able to bring clarity to any situation will ultimately resolve that situation and leave each party with a feeling of worthiness, fulfillment and gratitude.

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