A Special Invitation for Women

I am inviting you to an event that will change your life. No Kidding.  

There is a new way you want to do business and your speaking – more authentic, less hectic. More feminine, less fragmented. More ease, less effort. More substance and connection to Spirit, less superficial and copycat.

More you!

You are changing on the inside. You can no longer do your work and grow your business the same way you’ve done it before. It’s time to give yourself permission to UNLEASH! To come together with others like you. And to go for what’s true in your heart




3-Day Live Experience in Los Angeles (Westin LAX)


westin LAX

This 3-day live immersion is about ALL of you – your light, leadership and legacy – in all areas of your life.

Intimate and interactive, you will be with other Amazing Women who are as committed to their own personal work and growth as you are to yours.

We’re doing this differently than most! Rather than having to worry about what you’re eating, upgrade for a VIP ticket or be left out, we’re taking care of your lunches so you can be fully present, stay connected with yourself and each other, and enjoy the space you’re creating by being at the event!

This is not a multi-speaker event. This 3-day immersion is workshop-style and we will dive into you, your message and your work in the world!

Click here to get details and sign up now. We promise you miracles.

Kristy Deegan

Kristy is a Personal Evolution Coach with nearly three decades of helping others achieve their highest goals. Being able to bring clarity to any situation will ultimately resolve that situation and leave each party with a feeling of worthiness, fulfillment and gratitude.

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