Kristy Deegan

Kristy Deegan

Kristy is a Personal Evolution Coach with nearly three decades of helping others achieve their highest goals. Being able to bring clarity to any situation will ultimately resolve that situation and leave each party with a feeling of worthiness, fulfillment and gratitude.

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Freedom From Lack

How often do you tell yourself that you don’t have enough time. Don’t have enough money. Don’t have enough….?

Did you know that just saying that to yourself, creates more of the lack.


The universe wants to give you what you want even more than you want it.  It hears what you feel and think.  So to get freedom from lack, one must have a perspective of  abundance. Everything I need or want  is there for me when I need or want it.  However, you must be clear and specific about what you want and expect it to be there.  It’s not about hope or wishing.  It’s about knowing.


I used to have conversations in my head about not having enough money. About not being good enough to get the money I wanted. As soon as I got clear about what and how much money I wanted AND truly expected it to be there, it showed up in the exact amount I asked for.


As long as we think and speak from a place of scarcity, we continue to recreate scarcity. If you want some freedom from lack, come to my workshop on Freedom From Chaos, Fear and Lack.  You get a scrumptious lunch AND transformation Click here to learn more.






Special Event

Kristy Deegan

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“Profoundly simple…
yet deeply transformative.”

                    Liz Carbonaro, Owner, Elite Business Solutions

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Your Invitation To A Special Event
Saturday – January 28, 2017 9am-4pm

Hotel Maya 700 Queensway Drive | Long Beach, CA 90802 | Phone: 562.481.3893

No ticket sales at the door. You must purchase tickets in advance.




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ONE-DAY WORKSHOP - $110 (Lunch Provided)

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Learn what creates your chaos, fear and lack so that you can have more clarity, self-confidence and joy in your work and life.

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You can change your perspective and, thus, your life.

Freedom From Fear

How many of you have been afraid at one time or another? Fear of failure, fear to get on stage, fear to pick up the phone. I know that sometimes the phone is just so heavy that I can’t make calls that day or I busy myself with other things and don’t get around to it. Sound familiar?  


What if the circumstance, ie speaking, sales calls or confrontation, is not the problem?  Stress/fear is NOT caused by the circumstance.  It is caused by what we do to ourselves ABOUT the circumstance. Let’s say the phone is very heavy today.  A phone call is basically pushing numbers and saying hello. That in and of itself is not stressful.  How do you talk to yourself when getting ready to make calls?  Often times the self talk goes something like this: “I can’t call now, I don't want to bother them, or I hate getting sales calls at this time of day, or they probably don’t want my _____ anyway, or they’ll probably say no.”


If you tell yourself any of these, go deeper.  What’s underneath those statements?  Pick one and dive in.    Let’s take “They’ll probably say no.” The first level might be that they are busy. The next level might be they don’t want what I have to offer.  Next would be I am not really that good. The next would be I’m not good enough.  Hence the stress and fear.  


When we keep to the facts.  I am dialing, calling to check in. Make an offer and thank them for their time and great chat. Everything else is stuff we make up and then act like it’s true. Next time you feel fear about anything, go through this exercise to see what’s at the bottom of it and check to see if any of it is true for you. When I have a fear attack, I go through the steps and see it’s just fear.  I experience the fear and do NOT make up a story about it.  If I just experience it, it passes and I can jump on the phone with no problem.


If you would like some freedom from fear, message me and let’s talk about you coming to my workshop. Freedom from Chaos, Fear, and Lack.


Freedom From Chaos

Did you know that we create our own chaos? It is never the circumstance that causes the chaos, it’s what we do to ourselves about the circumstances.


I used to create chaos around me especially in my office.  I would over commit to do too many things, try to shoot from the hip and create piles of files and stuff to do all around the office.  I would tell myself, "I'll do that later. It can wait, It's to difficult to work on now, etc"  I couldn’t find a thing and I would throw up my hands in overwhelm. Sound familiar? The chaos was totally caused by me and my beliefs and then I let it get in my way of doing the work.  I used to hide out in the chaos and confusion to avoid showing up.


Once I started being responsible for the chaos, I began touching files only once.  Kept everything in its place and put everything I needed to do in my calendar.  I made a list of the things I had to do and a list of tasks to do to get each project done.  I worked backwards from the due date and scheduled all the tasks in my calendar.  I was amazed at how much I got done and I had way more energy because I wasn’t thinking of all that I had to do...just what I had to do today.  I also was amazed at how my self confidence, self respect and self love increased.  I changed from "overwhelm" to "I got this." Great result.


If you recall, the way to meet your sales target is to chunk it down to the number of calls to make a day.  Well, if you chunk it down for your projects and commitments, it becomes what do I do daily to get the job done. Try it. Consider coming to my workshop in September: Freedom from Chaos, Fear and Lack.  Message me  for details.

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